Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reviving a Kitchen with Paint & Decor...

I have shared on this blog before how my husband & I purchased our home on a short 5 day house hunting trip.
It was stressful to say the least, and we ended up buying a house that was our 3rd choice.
Below is the kitchen on the day we purchased the house.
It is not a big or remarkable kitchen.
Just a normal run-of-the-mill kitchen...nothing fancy schmancy.
Take note of:
The boring colour on the walls.
The lack of personality.
The dumpy appliances...{the appliances were included but we said no thank you}.
The vinyl floor coverings.
Not very inspirational at all.
Because of our big move across the country...we did not have a budget for renovations or huge decorating projects.
I began with the cheapest transformational tool out there.....paint!
 I chose a very warm yellow-y colour...Benjamin Moore's Gingerroot.
For years I have decorated with blue & white because it is a colour scheme that I love and this colour makes a wonderful backdrop for blue & white.
Gingerroot on the walls made the kitchen feel instantly warm & inviting.
It makes a nice contrast to the white cabinets.
We painted, painted, painted.
Added a new stainless steel sink.
New stainless steel appliances.
And after 2 years, we added a medium brown laminate floor.
I thought the kitchen looked so much better for not a lot of money.
 Then I set to work organizing my kitchen into 'zones'.
This is my baking corner...everything I need is within reach.
{I do bake a lot...my flour & sugar canisters are looking sort of empty!}
 This is our food prep & plate zone.
And yes...there is real butter in the butter dish....Julia Child lived to be 92 years old and she ate pounds of butter...so that's what I am going with!
 The small counter by the fridge makes a perfect coffee corner.
Anyone can help themselves to coffee, tea or hot chocolate without having to go into the work zones.
The cabinet above holds all of our coffee & tea cups.
 I decorated the top of the cabinets with things we already had...it is a great storage spot for things not used very often.

 This kitchen is a great 1 person kitchen. Everything is within easy reach.
It is small & humble...but it works for me.
There are a lot of things on the counter...but I cook every day and  all of those items are used and needed
Yes.... I still dream of a custom designed kitchen with white cabinets, subway tile and marble counters with some gleaming chandeliers, but for now...this feels great!
And you know the best part about a small kitchen?
Cleanup is a breeze.

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