Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tyler's New Room Plan....

I have returned from vacation and am throwing myself back into projects around the house like nobody's business.
It was great to come back after a fabulous 5 weeks in Nova Scotia because not only did I get lots of rest & relaxation...I got to come home and see my house with fresh eyes!

So my Mr. Tyler has been asking repeatedly for a new & BIGGER bed in his room.
He is a growing boy and he wants to say 'bye bye' to his twin bed and hello to a Double Double please.
Let me be honest here...his room is small.
I have been over the floor plan 6 ways to Sunday and there is no way a double bed could be added to the space without loss of a chest of drawers AND a desk. Boo!
I really believe every child needs a desk in their room, along with a bookcase.
I just cannot seem to bend on these issues...I think a place for quiet study in a private space is a must.

Let me share the new room plan:
I want to make a room that will take him to the end of High School...so it should be fun but also allow him to mature in it.
Remember that the goal is to add a double bed and keep a space for a desk and a chest of drawers.
After much careful thought... a LOFT bed seems like the best solution.
I didn't want this solution, but a measuring tape convinced me otherwise.
I have been wrestling with this decision for weeks and weeks...trying to talk myself out of a LOFT bed.
But with the lack of square footage, it offers the best solution.
{However, I may change my mind, but the colour scheme will not change.}
And Ikea offers great solutions at affordable prices...because you know I am getting the 'eyebrows' from the husband.
He agrees with the new bed. The rest...not so much. {Men!}

So here we have the double LOFT bed...as it will look in his room with the space underneath for a cozy study space and a chest of drawers.

The chest of drawers that will be placed on the right side behind the ladder.
A desk & shelves will be placed on the left side. I will paint his current desk and add some shelves.
The new wall colour. Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. I wanted a warm grey for this space in contrast to the black furniture.

The new bedding...a light gray that will take him right into teenage years.
Up in his little loft space, he will need a shelf for a drink and a few books:
And a wall lamp for reading...

And now for the fun part...zippy accents in red...like these pillows...along with some artwork and red draperies.
Thoughts? Comments?
Please do share!

Do you know of another gray that would work well in this room?
What colour should I paint his desk? Red? Dark Gray?

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