Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Reflection on Birthdays...

I remember when I was a kid and birthdays, for me, were one of the funnest, most-looked-forward-to days of the year. Next to Christmas, it was the one thing that could keep me awake on the eve before, wide-eyed with excited anticipation. Who could forget those birthdays of Holly Hobbie birthday cakes, or 'Little House on the Prairie' books, fresh from the local bookstore....just some of the must-have delights of a child of the 1970's.

Many, many years pass and adulthood takes over. Birthdays become nothing more than a quick flash in the pan....over faster than Molly Ringwald's movie career in the late 80's.

This week, as I contemplated another birthday upon me, I sized up my face in the mirror one too many times. Hmmmm. Where did that  trench line come from? Then I dressed up for a function in high heels. Disaster. I was dressed up for about 2 seconds when my feet began to hurt. There it was.... a case of the over 40-something high-heelitis.

Fine lines and high-heelitis.  That could only mean one thing.

Clearly, I was coming down with a case of the birthday blahs.

The thoughts of my upcoming birthday had left me alone and deserted on Birthday Blahs Boulevard. Where is my map? Which direction should I go? I know only one thing. I cannot return the way I came. I have to choose a new route to leave this place. And none too soon. 

Then it happens Two days before the big day. The doorbell rings. This is what arrived.

A yummy fresh fruit bouquet from a friend who wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday.
Awww! How sweet.
And when I check the mail box later, a birthday card from my parents announces itself
 in a pretty purple envelope.
The next day, another friend arrives to take Hunter & I out for lunch to celebrate my birthday.
This is what arrived for me at the table for dessert. It was a delicious reminder of  the value of true friendship.
This morning, on the  morning of my birthday, my husband decides we will hit the fresh seafood market to shop for  some fresh Maritime lobster for dinner. And he insists on stopping at my favourite cupcake store on the way home.We brought home some of these scrumptious cakes. { I didn't want a cake for my birthday.}
It was chocolate bliss!
I had more good feelings as I read the many birthday wishes that awaited me on facebook. I feel so very lucky.

And tonight I find myself miles and miles away from Birthday Blahs Boulevard.

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