Monday, August 16, 2010

Menu Plan Monday & Snacks for Kids....

Ty had a playdate last week with a fairly new friend.
They had a great time together, but when I asked what they would like for snacks,
our new friends was too shy to tell me. 
So I made up this tray of assorted snacks, hoping that he would like at least one thing.
Ranch dip & carrots. Animal Crackers. Watermelon. Apple slices. Goldfish Crackers and some other little crackers.
The tray came back empty.
Wouldn't you love to be a kid a again where someone just makes you little snacks
 and serves them on a tray?
 One of the things I love about Menu Plan Monday is that it's such a great start to getting the family organized for the week.
And with the start of a new school year {September 1st for us} right around the corner, meal planning is such an important tool to keep the house running smoothly with extra-curricular actitivities & homework commitments. I not only write down the meal, but the time it should be served that night, which varies depending on the schedule.
Last week I was reading comments on a blog post about meal planning.
I was reading how lots of meal planning & shopping lists are done on the computer and printed off.
Meal Plans for 6 weeks at time...all on the computer, typed up and printed off.
I would love to be that organized, but to be honest, I like simple too.
Plus, I find it much easier to rotate in new recipes my way.
My menu planning tools are simple.
They consist of this pad I picked up at Michael's for $1.00.
It has magnets on the back, so I keep it right on my fridge.
And my shopping list is a pad I picked up at the dollar store, and it has magnets on the back too.

Maybe some day I will be uber organized and have my meal plans organized in a computer program, but this works for me now.

Our Meal Plan for the Week:

Monday: Meatballs, mashed potatoes, steamed green beans & salad.
Hunter made chocolate mousse for dessert too. Yummy!
Tuesday: Grilled chicken and veggie kabobs with rice.
Wednesday: Slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw.
{I am out all day at my friend's house, so I need something ready for dinner=slow cooker.}
Thursday: Spaghetti & caesar salad
Friday: Mini pizzas on multi-grain bread with veggies &  cheese.

Baking Projects:
Muffins for school lunches.
Cookies for school lunches.
Wednesday: Baking day with my friend Gloria. We are making raspberry tarts & pocket pies.

I am super excited about Wednesday. Hunter and I are picking raspberries in my friend's backyard and then having a baking day!
I love baking days with friends.

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