Friday, August 20, 2010

How I Love All the White.....But In Real Life?

I absolutely love these white rooms.
I find them all so fresh and fabulous.
This white foyer is delightful.
This entry is so fresh & fun.
Love this cozy room!
This bedroom is so calming and serene.
I covet this cottage! Rustic yet sophisticated charm.

 But my reality is this:

Black fingerprints from newspaper reading on all the white kitchen cabinets.
I wipe them everyday.

Little brown pawprints on the leather sofas.
I wipe them everyday.

Doritos-orange{or other snack food} fingerprints on the door to the family room.
I wipe them everyday

Food stains on the dining room chairs.
I wipe them everyday.

Greasy little fingerprints on light switches.
I wipe them everyday.

I honestly could not imagine a whole decor scheme in white.
My life would become a never-ending wipe & wash fest....all in the quest of keeping the white white.

I love my family. I want them to live in our house.

But....a girl can dream, right?

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