Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Boy's Room Makeover That Scores The Goal...

Can you tell that this boy loves hockey?
It seemed fitting that his room should reflect his love of hockey and the importance it plays in his life.
I think every child should have a room that reflects their personality and interests...despite the decor of the rest of the house.
So last week I left you with this picture of the unfinished room.
The hardwood floor needed to be finished and the room needed decorating.
Here is this 12 year old boy's new room now.
The wall colours were chosen by this hockey-loving boy with the help of a designer.
It paired a red accent wall with 3 surrounding walls of grey to give a great backdrop for the terrific collection of framed hockey pictures owned by this hockey-passionate family.
I then collaborated with  Mom on the organization of this room and how it would function.
This room was originally green with a bunk bed combination of a double bed on the bottom and a single bed on the top. The room also held other matching pine pieces: a large armoire, a desk, a nightstand and a bookcase.
Since one boy lives in this room, I suggested Mom get rid of the bunk bed combination after hearing how she detested struggling with changing the sheets of the bunk beds and 2 beds were not really necessary for the  function of the room.
She decided to keep the larger bed and plans to sell the single bed.
Another cumbersome piece of furniture in this room was an armoire {not shown}. I suggested that all of her son's clothing be re-organized into the closet with a newly installed closet configuration. With the armoire gone, this also freed up a ton of space in this room....making it feel more spacious and calm.
Originally, the wall to the right of the bed had been painted red, but with the bunk beds and the armoire now gone, it made  good sense to make the far wall the red accent wall to feature the bed and the cherished, framed hockey print of Ovechkin.
So Mom had the two walls re-painted to reflect the new floor plan.
New nightstands in black-brown from Ikea were added to frame the bed while also breaking up the matchiness of all the pine in the room.
Mom purchased the new black coverlet and pillows to complement the room in it's new colours.
She is still searching for new lamps for the nightstands.
This next space shows the bookcase placed in the corner by the closet.
I think every child should have a bookcase in their room for books and cherished objects.
Notice the tiny black hockey skate...it was worn by this boy and his older brother when they were just little tykes! I love this touch of nostalgia in a room!
I encouraged Mom to show and display any treasured hockey paraphernalia from her boys' years of playing hockey.
And here is this 12 year old's new study space.
The original pine desk was kept, with new Ikea shelves installed above for storage and display.
There are also 2 bulletins boards yet to be hung to complete this desk area.
 The only space in this room that I cannot share with you is the closet because the new shelving is to be installed this week.
I will be sure to share the finished results!

This hockey boy was pretty pleased with his new room....and I think it's a fantastic reflection of him!
I also spent some time with him giving some suggestions on how he should organize his collection of  thousands of hockey cards.
We sent Mom out to purchase a hockey collector's binder to store his very favourite hockey cards.
But that is a whole other post!

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