Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Secret of Planning for Next Christmas...

Let me share what I have been doing for the past 2 weeks.
Planning for Chrismtas 2011.
 It sounds silly I know.
But doing it this way saves mucho time and money later on.
I am shopping all the terrific sales this time of year in stores that are really quiet  to meet all our needs for next Christmas....at  60% to 75% off.

There are two types of buying that I do for Christmas:
1-Things bought every year like boxed cards, special cards, Christmas crackers, wrapping paper and stickers.
2-Things bought every 4-5 years to change things up a bit or to replace what has been broken or damaged or tired looking.

1-Things I buy every year for our Christmas Celebration:
Christmas Crackers. 50% off =$3.94

Mini-crackers for $1.44.
Boxed Cards 50% off=$3.00.
75% off these cards-
Stickers for .69 cents.
I love using stickers for decorating packages that go in the mail!
Special cards for family members...these are Carlton cards that ranged in price from $3.39 to $6.99 regularly...I got them for $1 each.

2- Things bought every 4-5 years.
 2011 is the year for some NEW decor.
{Can I blame this on my 14 yr. old daughter?}
You see, we have NEVER decorated for Christmas in red and green.
NEVER in 15 years of marriage.
When Hunter and I were decorating the tree this year, she said she would like to have  a "Who-ville" tree next year.
And when I think about how she's 14 already and in a few short years she could be out of the house...well...we are going to HAVE A WHO-VILLE tree next year...and that's that.
Our WHO-VILLE TREE will be FUN, COLOURFUL and WHIMSICAL..full of candy and treats
and ALL 75% off. This entire lot cost around $40.
Who-ville looking trees for $2.00 and $3.00 each.
A felt tree skirt $6.74.
Fun ornaments in candy colours for $2.49 a container.
Lollipop garland for $2.49 each.
Felt ornaments for .50 cents each.
And candy-inspired ornaments...
Love these felt snowflakes with a hand-stitched look...
And my most favourite of all....these silver glass ornaments from Zellers at 60% off at $1.99 each.
So exquisite and pretty....

Come next November, I will be ready to start Christmas decorating knowing that I have everything we need.
I will still keep all my blue and green ornaments...they will just be part of my own little decor store in the storage room. I packed everything away this year in recycled shopping bags sorted by colour so that next year I can take whatever colours I plan to use without having to dig around. I have silver ornaments together, blue together and so on.
So here are my secrets:
Make a list of what you buy every year for Christmas and what needs to be replaced and shop the sales and take advantage of deep discounts.
Come November 2011, you will be so happy with yourself for doing this!

Here's another secret...for maximum shopping happiness, do not tell your husband. Yes...telling your husband will result in sighing and eyerolling...just take your bags quietly to the storage room and give yourself a pat on the back!

So please  take advantage of post-Christmas sales.
It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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