Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tales of The Changing Tablescapes of the Piano...

Decorating the top of the piano has frustated me for years.
For years, I had nothing on top of it because I was never satisfied with whatever I put there.
But after many years of playing, I think I finally have the 'knack', if you will, of dressing the piano in fun outfits.
Today I just dressed her in a very clean look.
She has been dressed in frilly outfits for months was time to take a break.
Today she is wearing just a round mirror break up the boxiness of the piano shape.
Some books for interest.
Two silver bookends for a little something shiny.
And two lamps bought on clearance for $25 each at HomeSense.
{I love the light from the late afternoon sun streaming means winter is slowly leaving.}
Here she is all decked out for Thanksgiving.
Just a few additions to her outfit to celebrate the season.
This is the look she wore for Halloween.
Lots of black and different shapes worked in.
Christmastime brought a major change in outfit.
The lamps and books got put away completely.
Miss Piano got sparkly snowflakes and hits of blue & green.
I thought she looked lovely for the party.
For Valentine's Day, she wore romantic tones of red and pink.
The lamps came back....and family photos and some subway art completed the accessorizing.
And here she is today.
Just calm and fresh.
She might have an outfit for Easter.
Maybe not.
I haven't quite decided yet.
I think the trick to outfits for Miss Piano Top are tablescapes that are low and wide with shapes that are not too boxy.
And you can never go wrong with a round mirror and books.

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