Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Simple Way of Organizing Photo Negatives & Printed Pictures & My Goal for 2011...

Almost  6 years ago, I moved 3000 miles across the country.
It was a big move.
One of the things that I wanted to make sure made the move safely were my precious picture negatives of my babies growing up.
I made the decision to hand carry my negatives myself in my carry-on baggage.
This way I knew that they would make the journey safely...with no danger of being lost or damaged by the moving company.
So I organized my negatives into a binder using protective negative sleeves.
 I moved all my negatives into the negative sleeves, and arranged them chronologically.
 I attached the contact sheet for each film on the appropriate protective sheet so I could quickly identify the negatives in the sleeves.
And I numbered each contact sheet/sleeve so that I would know the order of the sheets and where each belonged.
I used scrapbook adhesive to attach the contact sheets {the miniature sheet that shows whats on a roll of film}to the protective sleeves.
 This binder held 70 sheets, or negatives for 70 rolls of film.
 This method worked great for negative storage....and all my negatives arrived safely with me to our new home.

I started scrapbooking in 1999...... and organized photo storage is so important for pursuing that hobby because you can't scrapbook if you cannot find the photos you are looking for!
 This is the way I have been storing my photos for years now.
Lots of people use this method.... basic storage boxes.
The photos are stored by year and arranged in chronological order.
 I keep all the photos in their developing envelopes.
 However, I make sure to label all the envelopes with the date and what's inside.
I use simple white labels adhered to the envelopes and a pen.
This makes it easy to look for photos when scrapbooking too.

Easy Peasy.

For years and years people kept unorganized photos in old shoe boxes.
One of the big pushes behind the scrapbooking movement was encouraging people to get those photos organized and stored properly.
But then....enter the digital age.
Many, many households have switched to digital photography, but I think that many of us have exchanged those old shoe boxes for j.peg files that are not stored or backed up properly.
I know I am one of those!

I came across this article in the February 2010 issue of Real Simple Magazine and I saved it because it was so inspirational. It shows how one mom, Michele Bender, has all of her digital photos organized and labelled on discs.
This picture is just perfection...don't you agree?

So of my goals for 2011 is to get my digital pictures off my computer and organized into a storage system like this!
I have pictures from 2006 onward to tackle.
I know that it will take some time and effort.
And I also want to get into the habit of printing pictures monthly.
 I am determined.

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