Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am not ready....

{A favourite  image to get me juiced up for fall.}

Everyone around blogland, it seems, is decorating for Fall.
Not me.
I am  not ready yet.
My children just went back to school yesterday.
And I live in a northern Canadian city.
Winter, once it starts, lasts forever.
And a day.
We just had our last snowstorm on June 1.
3 short months ago.
Soon enough, I will be driving my daughter to early morning skating practice
in below minus-pray-my-car-starts weather.
So I am going to hang on to summer a little longer.
Fall decorating for me will start after Labour Day Weekend.
I will wear my flip flops a little longer.
My hometown is Nova Scotia is having a 3 day heat wave of temps above 40 with the humidex.
I would certainly welcome a 3 day heat wave here!

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