Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nesting for Fall....

I had a super day at home today.
I puttered.
I played and had fun!
I tweaked the house for fall by changing some tablescapes.
My decorations are very simple.
I used items from around the house along with things that I have slowly collected over the years.
Nothing is the same from year to year.
Canadian Thanksgiving is one month from today!! {October 11}
So I am celebrating Fall & Thanksgiving.
{It is too early for Halloween for me. I don't decorate for Halloween until Thanksgiving is over.}
The tablescape below for the coffee table is my fav so far.
I started with the piano top.
I find the piano top the hardest to make look interesting without making it too 'granny'.
Does anyone else have this problem?
My piano is old....over 100 years old. It came with me from Nova Scotia.
I picked up the 'Give Thanks' blocks from the Real Canadian Superstore on sale last year for $2.94.
The black candle sticks and candles are also from Superstore.
The books are turned around so that the different colours of the book spines don't make it look 'busy'.
I put away the glass bottles on top of the martini bar and it went from this:
To this:
And I changed out the little table by the front door from this:
To this:
I am going to  'tweak'  this a bit. I think it needs something else.
And then I put the shells and candles on the tray on the coffee table away. It went from this:
To this arrangement of items. The apples are fresh. They smell wonderful!
Fall leaves tucked into a white pitcher.
The white pitcher was a previous 'makeover' project. You can read about it here.
The cozy corner in the living room went from this:
To this:

A  fall wreath went on the door of the pantry in the kitchen.
All small changes to reflect the season.
And then I used my new pictures to make a new fall banner for my blog!
Super fun day!
Finally,  I would like to share with you this very special homemade decoration.
It will stay the same from year to year.
You see my son's name carved into the coffee table.
The little stinker.
I told him that the next time he wants to carve something in this house... be smart about it and carve
h.u.n.t.e.r. {his sister's name.}
{There is a story here which I will share on another day. But it was so out of character for him to do something like this!}
We won't mention how this was the first new coffee table that I ever owned.
It was only a few months when this new decoration appeared.
But we will mention how this table is going with him to University some day.

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