Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Organizing for Christmas~Project 3: A 'Wallet' for storing Christmas Receipts and Cash...

This week, I am writing a series about getting organized for Christmas. I am featuring a few little ideas to help make Christmas organized and pretty for the CEO of Santa's workshop.....Mom.
Welcome to Project 3.
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Project 3 was made for me by my Mom.
She was the crafter and creator of all of my childhood Christmases...and to me, she was the most magical  of planners.
She shopped & wrapped and decorated while having a full-time job in the 1970's.
And she also filled our Christmas celebrations with homemade sugar cookies, cherry balls, fruit cake, English trifle and name but a few of the projects she tackled.
The woman knows a thing or two about planning and executing.
So while she was here visiting for Thanksgiving, she watched me dig out a receipt from last year's Christmas to have an item replaced, and she took note of the dog-earred plain white envelope I was using.
The next day, I found this in my desk drawer:
I think it's great....and it sure beats my plain white envelope!
My Mom took a simple dollar store pencil case and added a little pizazz with a labeller and some accents.
She even tied a ribbon on the zipper pull.
It's the perfect place for storing Christmas shopping receipts and Christmas cash.
And it's going to hang out in my purse with my Christmas Idea Journal!
{Thanks again Mom! xoxo}

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To see Project 2~A Christmas Idea Journal, please click here.

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